COMPLIANCE ASSESSMENT - the HSC Professional package
"Finding solutions, not just looking for problems"
We have now developed a package to provide a comprehensive compliance assessment (currently available for care homes, with a similar package in development for domiciliary care services). The aim of the package is to provide a set of tools for the manager in making any changes, in addition to highlighting any areas of 'regulatory risk'.
This is more than just a "mock inspection"!
Based on our experience and also on in depth research of the outcomes of inspections under the fundamental standards introduced in April 2015, this will assess your compliance with the regulations and give you a 'best estimate' of the ratings to be expected from your next inspection, based on the current systems in place in your organisation.
As well as providing a 'regulatory risk profile', the visit and report will give an expert analysis of changes in policies and procedures, of documentation systems, and of quality controls, that should be considered to assure a satisfactory outcome of that inspection. The inspecting officer's perception of the 'safety' of the care provided is informed by a wide range of observations and it is the corroboration of evidence of non-compliance that will trigger a downgrading of ratings or allegations of breaches of regulations. The checks included in this compliance assessment range from broad general matters, such as the effectiveness of quality controls, to detailed matters (informed by our research) that, cumulatively, may count against the registered person if not addressed.
The process of the compliance assessment
» Preliminary information
We will send a preliminary information sheet and request documentation prior to the site visit. Together with published inspection reports this will enable the assessment to home in on anticipated inspection issues.
» The site visit
The site visit is flexible. It can concentrate on policies, care plans, audits and other documentation. It can run partly as a training day for staff with responsibilities for compliance with the legal requirements. The agenda includes a screen presentation of the application of the fundamental standards and inspection outcomes (the latter being based on the survey of hundreds of reports of inspections under the fundamental standards).
The purpose is to offer expert analysis of the interpretation of the regulations and the risk areas for ratings, as well as to conduct a check on systems in place and their compliance with the regulations. The visit will also include assessment of policies and other general documents such as audits, accidents and incidents, and complaints. Issues from previous inspections will be reviewed. We will look at care plans and other care documentation as directed by the general checks.
» Staff session (optional!)
A brief session with 2-3 members of care staff is recommended, to cover the sort of questions that inspecting officers ask.
» Feedback session
At a convenient time we will offer general feedback on the assessment of "regulatory risk" from the checks made during the day. Any matters for urgent attention will be highlighted.
» The report
We will compile a report on the Compliance assessment and send it by email, normally within one week of the visit. The report will analyse the extent of regulatory risk in the general policies, procedures and processes of the home as well as making detailed recommendations, taking account of inspection outcomes from our research on published inspection reports. We also provide a usb clip with a range of legal material, statutory and other guidance, and policy and audit templates.
» Follow up support
Where changes are being made in the light of the compliance assessment, the manager may wish to discuss them over the coming weeks, and telephone support is available.
» Follow up visits
To keep your costs down a follow-up site visit is not included in the standard contract. Follow up visits, if required, are available at reduced rates for a first visit (within eight weeks of the report) and then for up to three further visits within eighteen months of the report (see Fees section for details).
» For further information and fees charged please check the Services brochure