HSC Professional (Consultancy)

A range of specialist consultancy services for providers and managers of adult social care services

CONSULTANCY: Fixed fee packages


The hourly rate for consultancy advice and support is currently £160.00 per hour

Fixed fee packages have been available in recent years, with fees set at a conservative estimate of the charges had the contract been kept to an hourly rate

These are available for ‘standard’ work such as compliance assessments, representations in response to draft reports and ratings, and challenge to proposed warning notices

A Fees and Terms sheet is available on request

An initial payment to cover preliminary work is payable

Balances of fees are then invoiced in arrears

Where there is a threat against registration the contract will be on a ‘Project fee’ basis, with payment in advance for each ‘chunk’ of work



>>  Where a fixed fee for consultancy applies, the fee due will be confirmed following discussions and agreement on the work to be carried out, and set down in the contract offered